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Facade Consultancy | Product & Technology, these are the key attributes Singapore based FACADE GLOBAL MASTER PTE LTD (FGM) rely passionately upon to define its grand mission, seeking greater impact for the future of the facade industry.


Facade Design & Consultancy 


In addition to our standard offering of a suite of regular facade consultancy services, FGM seeks to distinguish ourselves by specialising in industry based consultancy services which includes facade construction management, value engineering and trouble-shooting. Our most recent technical advisory services provided to South Beach (Read More) and Ng Teng Fong Hospital (Read More) have brought immense value and satisfaction to our clients. Beyond the talk, we have greater believe in walking the journey with our clients. 

Product & Technology 

FGM is constantly surveying the technology landscape for the next key drivers for the facade industry. Beyond responsible services, we have greater believe in technology to drive our future. We are determined to be the technology leader with particular interest in developing next generation "super building materials" defined as a product with more than a single function. Our stable of innovative products includes LES light emitting glass, KROMATIX colored solar glass, LAMINAM large format ceramic panel and LUMISHEET LED panel lighting. (Read More)


Our policy is to partner with leading research organisations and other global industry leaders for each of the technology we advocate or the products we represent.

As a leading organisation in consultancy, innovation and technology, our major goal is to help our partners and clients succeed. Our strategic business development  and marketing solutions enable our clients to be competitive, innovative and sustainable while at the same time meeting with our own business objectives.




01 __________

Provide For Tender Design, engineering and specifications

02 __________

Evaluate tenders and recomend award

03 __________

Review shopdrawings, value engineering, material specification and supply chain submitted

04 __________

Provide Expert Witness for Mockup Test

05 __________

Factory Inspection and compliance audit on materials and workmanship

06 __________

Review/recommend method statements for the Works

07 __________

General Supervision of Site Work for Quality

08 __________

Construction & Contract Management Services



LES - Light emitting surface

We are proud to have collaborated successfully with A*STAR SIMTech Singapore to found a patent pending technology, LES GLASS which emit soft glowing light for facade lighting. It is believed to be the world's first Light Emitting Glass - a super building material engineered to be deployed like a normal glass panel while at the same time functioning as a lighted glass surfaces. 

LES is a light emitting surface produced with advanced printed lighting technology that provides intense night lighting from surfaces which can be seen in full focus from kilometers away. LES emits a soft distinctive glow, enabling it to blend beautifully into any building facades, creating lighting architectures that could turn every architect's dream into realities. It's probably the only lighting system specially designed to celebrate the romance of the moon and the symphony of its glorious light.

kromatix colored solar glass

Beyond the shore of Singapore, we are privileged to partner Swissinso, the world's leading glass and solar innovator to promote KROMATIX, an architectural glass technology with unique capacity to function both as a colourful glass panel as well as a solar photovoltaic panel. KROMATIX - the most compelling super building material yet, has the potential to lead the facade cladding industry by spearheading the transformation of passive facade into active solar walls. 

This is an advance technology which allows solar ѕоlutіоnѕ to bе соmрlеtеlу integrated іntо the architectural design of all types of buildings for the very first time across the globe. This innovation is a whole new world of opportunities in terms of aesthetic design of building beside enhanced energy savings.


We are also proud to partner with Dongbu Lightec, a leading innovative maker of advance LED lighting products from Korea. LUMISHEET is the side lighted LED panel which allows light to be guided uniformly across large surfaces, creating unprecedented opportunity for brightly illuminated surface lighting with extremely low energy requirement. 

Together with Dongbu Lightec, we apply innovative technologies and skills to the market LED Lighting products to meet the needs of local lighting customers with a promise to continuously challenge the belief of applying high ethics to the goal of becoming a leading LED lighting fixture marketer.


LAMINAM is a leading provider of porcelain tiles and panels, providing endless creative solutions for clients all around the world. LAMINAM produces a high-quality collection of stone tiles, panels, and large format porcelain slabs, used in exterior ventilated wall cladding and interior wall and floor inishes. LAMINAM porcelain panel is an ideal surface for slim profile applications in contemporary baths, kitchens tables, and desks.

As a socially responsible organisation, we strongly believe in sustainable construction. Our role is to advocate for and steer the industry away from the unsustainable practice of using natural stones and other high embodied carbon materials toward using stone, timber and metal lookalike surfaces made from environmentally friendly LAMINAM ceramic panels. LAMINAM Italy is the highly acclaimed market leader in offering imaginative surfaces produced in large format ultra thin ceramic panels. 

Facade Consultancy
About Us


01 __________

To realise the full value of facade engineering in partnership with employers, consultants, builders and façade specialists.

02 __________

We pledge our loyalty to the project.

Façade Design & Consultancy l Product and Technology

"Beyond responsible services, we have
greater believe in technology"

Case Studies
Products & Technology



Case Study : south beach canopies


The initial LED lighting system was unable to produce an even spread of light across the glass panel. This resulted in patchy and unsightly shadows in and around the edges of each glass panel.


By replacing the LED lighting system with LUMISHEET, it allows light to spread evenly across the entire glass surfaces without any patchy shadow in or around the edges of the glass.

Colored solar panel

Case Study : kromatix colored solar glass

A game changing technology, introduced for the first time in Singapore that enables black solar to morph into multi-colored solar glass with similar efficiency as the black solar, creating new opportunity for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV). The result of the prototype installation show that Kromatix has met and exceeded its expected performance.

BIPV is the next key driver to  increase solar adoption across the building industry. Kromatix is expected to be the accelerator of our national agenda for large scale BIPV installation under the Singapore Photovoltaic Roadmap 2014.





Singapore Post Centre

New Supreme Court

Changi Airport Terminal 1

Changi Airport Terminal 2

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

The Concourse

Wheelock Place

NTUC Building

MAS Building

United Square

Singtel Headquarters

CPF Building

Wisma Atria


Maybank HQ


Jakarta Stock Exchange


293 Collins Street, Melbourne

Commonwealth Law Court, Adelaide


Elite Headquarter Building


Shanghai Stock Exchange 


Westlin Hotel


World Trade Centre

Ng Teng Fong Hospital

ng teng fong

FGM was appointed by the main contractor GS Engineering & Construction at the most crucial time of the project to provide hardcore construction management services primarily to address the major pain points in the delivery of the challenging facade package. The project, a major milestone in our national hospital construction program, was eventually completed on time to much acclaim from all stakeholders. 


Client : Laguna Hotel Holdings Pte Ltd

Architect : AM Associates (S) Pte Ltd

South Beach Development

FGM was appointed by the client South Beach Consortium and seconded to world renown architect Aedas as their technical Advisor. Our brief was to assist Aedas, the Employer's Representative, to deliver the Facade and Canopy Package, very much to the satisfaction of the client. 


The Facade and Canopy Package consist of a multitude of different trades including curtain wall and canopy with large steel structures, thin film photovoltaic panels, facade lighting, event lighting, canopy lighting, multi-media screen, BMU access equipment, GRC cladding and solar thermal installations. Our unique experience and exposure to technologies and practices across different trades and industries enables us to play a pivotal yet challenging role in successfully co-ordinating the work or otherwise integrating the various elements seamlessly into a gigantic masterpiece. 

south beach

changi general Hospital integrated building

Client : Changi Hospital

Architect : RDC Architects

Medical centre at changi hospital

Client : Changi General Hospital

Architect : RDC Architect

icon tower india

Client : Dignity Builders Pvt Ltd

Architect : Morphogenesis

Gleneagles Medini Hospital Malaysia

Client : Gleaneagles Hospital

Architect : B+H Architects

22 Martin Road SINGAPORE

Client : Cathay Development

Architect : RDC Architect


Client : Supreme Court Singapore

Architect : Norman Foster/ CPG Consultants Pte Ltd

Client : Singapore Post Limited

Architect : RDC Architect Pte Main


Client : Hong Fok Development Pte Ltd

Architect : Architect 61 Pte Ltd Main

THE Concourse

Republic Polytechnic

Client : Republic Polytechnic, Singapore 

Architect : DP Architects Pte Ltd

Client : Singapore Tax Authority

Architect : CPG Consultants Pte Ltd

Revenue House

Client : UOL Limited

Architect : DP Architect Pte Ltd d

Pavilion 2 Residence

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Client : Monetary Authority Singapore

Architect : RSP Architects & Engineers Pte Ltd

Client : Singapore Labor Foundation / National Trade Union Congress 

Architect : DP Architects Pte Ltd

One Marina Boulevard

Client : UOL Land Limited

Main Contractor : FacadeMaster Pte Ltd

United Square (Façade Upgrading)

Tan tock seng hospital

Client : Tan Tock Seng Hospital Singapore

Architect : CPG Consultants Pte Ltd Main

Client : UOL/UIC Development Limited

Architect : P&T Architects Pte Ltd Main

One amber residence

Singapore management university (law faculty)

Client : Singapore management

Architect : MKPL Architect

Singtel HQ

Client : Singtel

Architect : - 


Client : CPF

Architect : RJ Crocker Pte Ltd

Commonwealth Law Court, Adelaide

Client : Federal Court of Australia, Adelaide

Architect : Hassel Studio 

elite group hq Taipei

Client : Elite Group

Architect : -


Sinh Nam Metal Industries, Vietnam

Seiko Aluminum Pte Ltd, Singapore

Golden Diamond Trading Co Ltd, Taiwan

Chuang Kuan Curtain Wall Engineering Co Ltd, Taiwan

South Beach Consortium
Aedas Pte Ltd
RDC Pte Ltd
DP Architects
Jurong Health
B+H Architects
Gleneagles Hospitals
Changi Hospitals
Laguna Golf &Country Club
AMA Architect

South Beach Consortium Pte Ltd

UOL Land Limited, Singapore

UIC Land Limited, Singapore

P&T Architects Pte, Singapore

DP Architects Pte, Singapore

China Construction South Pacific  

Development Co Pte Ltd, Singapore

Shenzhen Jinya Aluminum Pte Ltd, Singapore Alcoa/Kawneer Global Special Projects, Singapore HCCH Consulting Pte Ltd Singapore

Al Karma, India

Vatika Group, India

Minesco Pty Limited, Australia





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